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it was very scari.

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Very creepy, well done! 

Just played the game and gotta say one thing. THIS. WAS. AWESOME!!!! One of the best "horror" game that i played in my entire life. Rating: 11/10

Keep up the good work and thanks for the game <3

This game is a perfect example for why i love pixel horror games. Loved the story and the insane twist. 5/5

I just recently completed this game: The Dawn Of Slenderman. I don't think I'm ready for this yet. But I will try it :)

Awesome game! 10/10!

One of the scariest Games I played, loved it :)

dude i love the twist at the end, nice work on the great game! keep it up! :]

HONESTLY Super fun game! Only gripe was the dialogue moved too fast, but it was surprisingly fantastic! 

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Jacksepticeye brough me here

great greeaaat scary game

Another fantastic game from JordiBoi.

This game was such a journey, I was exhausted by the end of it! Brilliant combination of mundane activities and horror, with a brilliant story weaved into it also.

The comedy elements is exactly my taste. Can't wait for what comes next.

Check out my video.

Хорошая игра, атмосферная, страшная, с шутками. Зашла!


Looks interesting



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Such an amazing game! Keep up the great work! Let me know what you thought of my playthrough! NEVER GO LATE NIGHT SHOPPING!! | The Shopping List (SCARY)

Really got me screaming some times :D Great work!

Hungarian playthrough:

For anyone interested in speedrunning and enjoys the game.

Very creepy horror game with superb feeling throughout. Chills all throughout!

Super jeu j'ai beaucoup aimer !!! Super ambiance :)

i just streamed this and break through on twitch, both were AMAZING. they were beyond creepy, and very, very, VERY scary. breakthrough had me sweatin. i also love the storylines and the art style, retro pixel horror my beloved 💕 i'm beyond impressed that you're just 16 !! i can't wait to see what other games you put out

Bro, please, make a paid game on Steam! I'll buy it 100%, everytime I play your games, it just makes for great fun and great content! Also, nice Stock images for the wall at the end of the game XD

The Shopping List was a great game honestly!

Game got a great vibe and the music was just as awsome as in Broken Through. Only critic would be that picking the items manually up was easy to forget. Probably goint to check out Margareta the coming days too.

Smelling like grandpa never felt so awesome!

Really liked this game! So many small things I enjoyed! Had silly fun but always felt uneasy about the shopping area!Check it out!

Still don't know who Billy Ceps is but thanks for the ID!

BTW: Didnt know JordiBoi did Broken Through also! Which was another interesting game to check out, post that video soon!

This game was amazing, I loved the creepy vibe and atmosphere 

F por lucas se lo webiaron 😔👊

not a bad game, the atmosphere was chilly 

It Would BE Mad If We Could Get This Downloadable As A ZIP Folder

Oh my what a horror game. Loved the vibes and atmosphere of the game. Good job dev. Keep it going. 

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 The game has a crazy ending i was not expecting, really enjoyed playing through it, cant wait to see what other games the developer will make 

Hey, so, it might be random, but I really need to know where the Aggie face photo came from because I'm going crazy how that looks just like a picture I took of me 😅

I'm a bit late to the party but here's my take on the situation 😎

The game was super fun and I can't wait to see what the developer will make in the future!

Fantastic game and a great story. Atmosphere was funny when it needed to be and eerie when the story turned dark. Can't wait to see what more you do!

There was SO MUCH happening in this game!  Much longer than I suspected and very chilling at points!  5 stars!

I really loved this game it was really creepy and as someone who plays horror games a lot I personally really enjoyed this one. The little aspects of humor really topped it off. Keep making games I hope you make it big someday 10/10 :)

Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed it! It means alot!

There's so much to love about this game, the writing is great, the music and sound effects are really creepy, and it managed to scare me more than once
Can't wait to see more of your work!
Also includes everyone's favourite... Minmo!

Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed it! Really enjoyed watching your video

this game was a whole vibe I really enjoyed playing I can't wait to see what else the developers come up with!

Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed it!

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Thats soo good maan!!! incredible!


Thank you im glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for the spooks. Let me know if you ever need a terrible voice actor. I'll gladly help out. 


Thank you im glad you enjoyed it! And i'll make sure to tell you if I ever need a voice actor lmao

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