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Created by Jordan Lindgren.


You left your old life behind, trying to start over in a new town. But a fresh start is not always as easy as it seems. 

  why do you keep having that feeling someone's watching you? 

Why are all the townsfolk so rude?

 What secrets are they hiding from you?

 If you could only get back to your apartment,

 but first you need to finish your shopping list.


The Shopping list is a full length mystery-psychological story rich horror game experience that blends unsettling scenarios with intense characters and a nostalgic retro theme.

 Rediscover your past as you try to make yourself at home in a new town. Enjoy different encounters and puzzles while talking to the locals,

 and finish the shopping list as the mysteries of the town watches from the shadows.


[Space]Auto-play Dialogues
[TAB] Check ShoppingList
 [F] Toggle Flashlight


If you want to support me and help me create free full length  games for you people, feel free to donate! 


Contact Mail: Stantyz123@gmail.com


YT Channel

Made at the age of 15



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Amazing game. I did a video a while back but forgot to share it! 

Good game

Perfect blend of spooky, but not too spooky for me to play it

The Shopping List

Great Game 10/10

I just want to buy some milk!

idk if anyone else is having this problem or if it's my fault but every time i try to download the game it saves as a pdf but i've seen youtubers play this game and it seems really good!!

OMG... Gosh this game is so good! and terryrifing... Im Dowloading 3 Games in my List of best games and this game is perfect! Make more! good luck

These games never fail to terrify me

really good game, the story is well thought out

To be honest it was a great game it always felt like there was going to be a chase or a jumpscare or something and the story was also amazing 10/10 game fr

Game sadly keeps crashing when I try to wake up the guy in the grocery store.

Very surprised by this game! I know I'm suuuper late to playing it. This game made me laugh so much for a horror game, but the SCARES? GOD THE SCARES WERE INCREDIBLE!

The Shopping List: Una mujer con un pasado familiar turbio cambia tanto de ciudad como de trabajo, antes de llegar a su nuevo apartamento se va de compras por la noche, lo que no sabe es que el pasado le anda buscando con no muy buenas intenciones, gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!!

Just got done playing this game. I was surprised how long the game actually was on the first playthrough. The visuals and sound design were pretty good. The gameplay and story itself were something more unique and I deeply enjoyed it! I do have a few criticisms though. I know that the game is linear, but the abundance of invisible walls felt pretty weird. Usually, it's better to have a physical object stopping you from wondering everywhere, then just being halted in your steps because of an invisible wall. Many time I thought I could go somewhere else, but I was stopped. Another criticism is the use of those blue circles. I get that it's to guide you (because of the aforementioned reason of thinking you can travel elsewhere), but it feels like they are used too much, and thus takes away the experience of looking around. I would have much rather been told (when I look at the object or person) to press E to interact, instead of having those circles, because it feels like I can explore more. On a repeat playthrough, I thought changing my name to Claire and denying the ride would change the events, but it did not. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it kind of seems that there's an illusion of choice, rather than having one. But I suppose on a first playthrough, it wouldn't matter much. Overall, a pretty decent game. I didn't expect the ending, and I enjoyed it. 

Also wanted to add that the puzzles were a nice addition to the game! Really liked the wire one alot. 

prolly my favourite horror game on this platform, i felt emotions i cannot even describe and the whole simple premise of the game but wonderful execution was just perfect, kinda made me feel bad for the protagonist lol.

I love it, was not expecting that ending -

so glad to get to another one of your games, this was an absolute treat (: i loved the art style and atmosphere, this was definitely a neat take on the "horror walking sim" genre. can't wait to see more, kudos!

file won't unzip

are you using Winrar to open the file? 

7zip on Windows 11


How is it not unzipping?

Did u right press - export file

then choose location, and the game should be in that folder


file isn't opening

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Your game is really good! I played and completed it in 1 hour. So scary.

(2 edits) (+1)

i like the style and overall feel of the game. it's use of "everywhere at the end of time" was very effective, and definitely set a depressing, dark mood. i love polygon graphics in modern games, and this game portrayed that very well. however, what makes me overlook all of this is the plot. very predictable. if any game even attempts to go the "dead mom. alcoholic, abusive dad" route i automatically assume the storyline will be very shallow. and, it was. this felt more like a visual novel than anything, the player has little to no freedom. a lot of the tasks seem pointless, just to fill up time. the villian (i won't spoil who) has no human-like traits, very black and white personality. there is no depth, it is just villain: bad... don't ask anymore questions. i wouldn't be so harsh on the plot if the game play was the main focus, but it's not. this plays out just like a visual novel, so a novel story is expected. the game is free, so expectations shouldn't be so high, i agree. but still, average gameplay is around an hour long. so much time spent playing for nothing but a shallow ending. rats. 

 i love this game and the storyline 

I love your game. Im waiting for a new one

great game one of the best on this site

I really enjoyed the game, I didn't expect that plot twist, I love your games, I'll be waiting for new releases

THIS GAME WAS ABSOLUTELY CRAZYYY BRUH shit was an amazing game crazy store FUNNY AFFF highly recommend playing this game or watching me play it but wordddd valid game fr i love it :)

This was such a delight to play, I had played The Final Pin on stream some weeks back and loved it. And now I've been shocked once again at how good you are at creating a creepy atmosphere and keeping the player tense. What started out quite funny had me on the edge of my seat at the end, I loved that. I've already seen gameplay of Broken Through so I won't be playing that one (at least not on camera since it wouldn't be a genuine first reaction) but I absolutely cannot wait to see what else you come up with, your games are awesome!

Yes, THIS WAS SCARY... But this game actually had a good plot you could follow along with. Other horror games are just scary and that's about it, but with this one you get a story and a great scary atmosphere which I LOVED. Thank your JordiBoi for making this game. Also give the video a chance, you never know, you might like it. Much love always <3

Scary Scuffed Games #247


Vorgeschlagen von: Dito

Wiedereimal ein sehr originelles Game von Jordiboy. Untertitel hätten dem Spiel gut getan, manchmal tut man sich etwas schwer die Charaktere zu verstehen, besonders wenn mehrere gleichzeitig sprechen. Wir 2 Runden gestartet und es ist gar nicht mal so einfach, da viele sich sehr kryptisch ausdrücken, aber ich hatte spaß!

in unter 2 Wochen gemacht und for Free, echt gut - finde aber, das Thema AI - etwas fehlleitend ist.


Dito: 4.1/5

Chat: 4/5

Gesamt: 3.51/5

I actually played this a while ago but never thought about posting my video here. It was a great game! I loved every minute of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVQ-Xf7X6hw

A really well made game. I love the atmosphere of the game and how it is capable of causing fear without having to overuse jumpscares. And all this being only 15 years old, you really have talent. Good job.

Un juego realmente bien hecho. Me encanta el ambiente del juego y como es capaz de meter miedo sin necesidad de abusar de jumpscares. Y todo esto teniendo tan solo 15 años, realmente tienes talento. Buen trabajo.

My favourite horror game

Very long but scary game

Incredible Game. Top Notch Horror Game. You Should Play All Games From This Developer.

Even tho I didn't show it really, this game had me on 10 the whole time lol. Here's my vid if you want to check it out. I actually enjoyed this game!

this game is actually so good

I just finished streaming it and this was awesome!!!!! Absolutely adored it!

Another great game by Jordan!


I made an account so I could leave this comment. This is the first game I have downloaded and played on itch.io and really enjoyed it. The amount of times I yelled at my screen alone in my room about something that I was sure was going to jump out at me. The amount of times I verbally let out an "..oooh God....", this game was great. Kept me on the edge of my cheap office chair. For sure going to check out your past stuff and keep an eye out for things in the future.

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