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Created by Jordan Lindgren.


You wake up in a cold sweat, with an ominous feeling that he's still out there.

You try to shake off the feeling, but the more you try to ignore it, the stronger it becomes.

Why do they call him the crow killer? And why do I feel like he's watching me...


"The Final Pin" is a full length story based game with voice acting and horror elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

You'll need to use your investigative skills and survival instincts to navigate the treacherous world of the crow killer and uncover the truth behind the town's dark past.

 Each step you take is a closer step into the darkness.

PS. This is a FULL LONG STORY GAME that is meant to be played in one sitting! 

! Voice actors !

  • Berleezy
  • CallMeKevin
  • ZachbealeTV
  • Jacob Geller
  • CJUGames
  • Emortalmarcus
  • Kingwoolz
  • CaptainOptimist
  • EZDoodles
  • Just Toast
  • Randomplanet
  • Hayden Green
  • Call Me Dna
  • Jordan Lindgren



[WASD] Walk
[E] Interact
[Space] Continue dialogue
[ESC] Mouse sensitivity slider


Developed at the age of 16.

Feel free to leave a comment after you’ve played the game!

If you want to support me and help me create free full length  games for you people, feel free to donate! 


Contact Mail: Stantyz123@gmail.com


YT Channel


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Amazing game really enjoyed it looking forward to play more of your games

tu juego me fascino , fue muy interesante , tiene una historia increible y un final espectacular , me lleno de emociones tristeza enojo y alg ode amor , muchas de las emociones que tu protagonista tenia pronto probare mas de tus juegos <3 saludos desde buenos aires 

Spooky games, it's really nice!!

Omg! this game obviously go in my list to play this games in the night! I Dowloand the shopping list and This game! Make more! i love it

i'm blown away! this was an incredible experience, and i enjoyed every moment of it. it spooked me, it made me emotional, and i had a wonderful time. the art style is so refreshing and the music was top tier. kudos!


loved the atmosphere and the story, also scared me in some moments. Great game

Wow, 2 hours of high quality gameplay. Cinematics, game mechanics, etc. Great game

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Incredible game. Can't wait to check out more.

Great game, sucks that it crashed on me when I tabbed out on Linux but it was karma because I said something about wanting to cheat the game

I was close to the end too

Does it really make a difference to set the frame rate to anything higher than 30? Were the higher frame rates tested? It's weird because if you set it to 144 and then try to go down, you will get values like 124

I really enjoyed this game ! It was really good ! I liked the story and atmosphere ! I really liked the characters too ! bravo !


THE FINAL PIN: Un agente de policía pierde a su familia por su obsesión con el asesino del cuervo, lo que no sabe es que tan involucrada puede estar su familia en el asunto, juego de novela policiaca estilo retro con un argumento y trama bastante buenos, gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!

this game was sick


An interesting take. I enjoyed the noir elements. I hope you enjoy the video!


Really enjoyed this game very spooky :)


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bro this is most definitely a verry good horror game the ending was soo unexpecting  i don't know how you do this and how you make such good content but damm that has got to be the best game I've played in 2023.


Decent game, but, just like Shopping List, the pacing is terrible. The game is way too long for the amount of plot/content. It should be half the current length. In particular the side character flashbacks and long epilogue are completely unnecessary. You have a tendency in your games to over explain the story, which wastes time. If you gave them the necessary information, trust your audience to be smart enough to work out the plot without every single plot point being explained to them in detail.There also aren't any good scares in the game, so it's more of a thriller game than a horror game. Still, I liked the game overall. 

I think I love this game. You did a great job and I had so much fun to play and the story too good

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Allow me to give you some of my thoughts, including constructive criticism that you might find handy later for your works!

The visuals were fantastic. Even though the game followed the “recent” (been going on for quite a while, I didn’t even realise) uprise in the older-style graphics, it still felt distinct from the bunch of others that have been floating around recently, and I cannot give one specific reason why. As it seems, the game managed to do just about everything at least a bit better in terms of looks. BUT, and quite a big one: Lots of repeated assets right next to, or after eachother, like (I do understand the amount of work it takes to create for example a small house, but even then) the trailer park (iirc) scene, with like 7 repeated assets, both inside and outside with no difference (except for the weapon safe which was quite out of place) in interior in the 6 except for the crime scene was really unappealing

The story was fine, sometimes felt a bit unguided, but it still managed to come out well. The reason for that might be related to the following point though…

The more problematic part, gameplay:

The gameplay is the part that made this game way less enjoyable to me than it could’ve been. To summarize it, it was long, like long long. That wouldn’t be a problem usually, but in this case it felt like everything was dragged out for the sake of the game being long. Every action needing some charge/delay (except for a few, like doors), the roads and routes the players have to take being just a tad bit too long, and just really small things like these made me feel like the whole experience was a drag.

Some additional stuff: I managed to get stuck in the first crime scene by just walking off the pavement Berlin (the bartender, if I didn’t get his name right) wasn’t there in the ending scene (as far as I’ve noticed), which could’ve been a nice interaction (something like “Is THIS the party you were planning? COOL!” or similar)

Overall, if it wasn’t for the slow and dragged-out gameplay, this game could definitely be a strong 8/10 or 9/10, but for now, it sadly isn’t in my books. Hope this helped with getting some insight, and looking forward to seeing more from you!


This game was amazing! I had such a fun time playing it, at times it felt like I was watching a movie, but some of the segments like driving the car made it feel more real. The sewers and the vent were terrifying honestly, just the ambience with minimal jumpscares was bone chilling. Sound design and music were perfect, and the story was so immersive and had a twist I didn't see coming! The pacing was smooth and I loved the characters, and the voice acting too. I can't belive this game is free, and that everything was made by one person! Bravo!!!

This is such an emotional experience. one of the most shocking games I've ever played. Horror games with great stories and characters like these always exceed my standards. It's so well made too, this developer never dissapoints!


Simply without words, the best indie horror game I have played so far. The atmosphere is fascinating and the music and sounds are masterpieces. The history is very good. I have loved the three games that this creator has made, I hope that he continues with these projects and if he surpasses his previous games, including this one, he will have a great future knowing that only he develops these wonderful games.


This game should cost money.


Just finished this game and the ending got me! It was a great game and I had so much fun playing it. Check it out and see if you had the same reaction as me!!

li played it a while back but thought id drop this here thank you for indie devs 

game was good had a few moments that it lost me but overall a good game thought id drop this here thank you for indie devs

the video will be on the channel on friday but in the meantime go check out our channel! https://www.youtube.com/@Dizzleduo

Great put together game ! just made a video on it!

Good game

I know it's impossible in real life that you can change the past but dear lord how I wish I could do itin this game. The Detective's family didn't deserved this and even his colleagues. 

I thank you again for letting me play one your works. I do hope for more games and storytelling from the devs.


THIS GAME WAS AMAZING! The story line was on point and even the gameplay! I think I've never had to think as much as a real detective on a HORROR GAME. Nice game, I will be playing more games from you, my guy! Keep up the great work!

One of the best horror games I've played. I liked the previous two but I loved this one. I saw that you posted that there is a new game coming soon. I'm waiting excited.

De los mejores juegos de terror que he jugado. Los dos anteriores me gustaron pero este me ha encantado. Vi que posteaste que hay un nuevo juego próximo. Lo espero con ansias.

Game had me really invested! Great work 

Seriously, One Of The Best Games I've Played.

Loved the story! I think Jordan might be the best developer on Itch IMO.

Really well made, from the voice acting to the controls and overall really good. Unfortunately I played this after having played 3 more games and I got bored to death, it wasn't really scary at all and had to quit midway through.

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That's the best game I have ever played on itch.io mate. Nice work.

Amazing game.. So much more in depth than I expected from an indie game. Great work.

The story on this one! Holy frick! This was a good story

I encountered some issues with my rid but don't let  that look bad on the game I loved it!

Only complaint is the music I did encounter some copyright issues and had to re edit the vid to remove it so it wasn't blocked in Russia

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