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really fun pls do more

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Hey guys I really like if you guys can support my YouTube channel check out the gameplay of this game ~ The Untold Truth: What Really Happened to Leo Williams?

I got to say this gameplay was really amazing you did amazing job on this game the storyline was really amazing I do enjoy it keep up the good work I will definitely be supporting you to make more games like this 

Daym, I know the game's just an hour long, but it's unfortunate it doesn't save your progress.

I finally got around to playing this; turns out, I loved it!

this game is fear ITSELF

Love the story telling!

this was such a great game! 

Esse jogo é espetacular!

Broken Through: Hace 7 años tu mejor amigo Leo Williams desapareció misteriosamente y nadie sabe donde fue, pasado ese tiempo Leo fue declarado muerto, ahora estás en posesión de sus pertenencias, pero algo en sus cosas parece extraño... Algo te dice que todavía está ahí fuera, muchas gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!!

I love this game so much I was not at all expecting it to be this good -

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(Highly Recommend This Game)

Full review and playthrough are below 👇🏼

+Thematics, ambiance and spookiness are very high

+Storyline and plot are thick with some unexpected aspects to keep you invested

+Controls and gameplay are well designed

+World or "levels" are also well designed

+Moments of pure terrifying jumpscares/horror

And so far, my only negative would be:

-It takes wayyy too long to drive to another location

Overall score: 9.5/10. Phenomenal game and I highly highly recommend!

Amazing story with an intense and horrifying atmosphere that I loved, Great game!

Very good game, congratulations (i almost pissed my pants on the stair´s level) JUST FOR BE CAUTION: There is a bug at the momment you are opening the boxes in your house, you can be stucked in the box which have the game inside and you  are not able to go out the box and must reset. I recommend the game :)

good game,i like it

Game freaked me tf out. I was so scared I lost everything on my desk lol

good game

I loved this game it has great messages and very scary.

It was a Journey, specially the airless chips (≧∇≦)ノ

I loved this game honestly it was like a perfect 10/10 but my only problem is that there should have been more jumpscares but I LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE.

This is my playthrough I hope you will watch it😎

out of all the games i've played/streamed, this one by far stood out. it's clear a lot of passion went into this project, and it was executed beautifully. i'm sitting here after playing it trying to process all i feel, this game is going to stick with me for a while. thanks and kudos!

Such a fastatic game, really creative and super excited to play more games made by you

good game i really enjoyed it

this game was amazing normally i dont make comments but i had to on this game.

I normally never comment on games but this game was truly amazing and just by seeing one person made it by themselves was even more remarkable.

Hi hex here i played through some of it and i found it really awesome loving the music and the atmosphere you have done with the game!

This game was pretty poggers. 10/10.

Great game.


Puedo jurar que es el mejor juego que he probado de, realmente pude sentir el terror, la desesperacion, la esperanza. Nose, simplemente una obra de arte. Nunca me habia sentido asi respecto a un juego indie publicado por aca.

Historia muito boa ta

very good game <3

really one of the best horror games I've ever played here at, congratulations to the creator, even though I know a little English the game was wonderful and had a good story

this was so incredible and oddly emotional

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Atmosphere was really cool, and the sound design was solid! Couple parts hit me in the feels, and a few moments were goofy in just the best way. 
Also i HATE YOU for that vent chase scene lmaoooooooooooo

I loved it just like the previous one. I'm looking forward to trying the next one. Good game.

Me ha encantado al igual que el anterior. Tengo ganas de probar el siguiente. Buen juego.

Amei o jogo, historia muito bem feita! parabens!

Amzing and wholesome, you never disapoint jordan 

Top Notch Horror Game. Highly Recommended. In Fact, I Recommend You Try Out All Of This Developer's Games.
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