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you wake up in an unknown place with no knowledge of how you got there. A duel smell lingers and the flicking lights leave a mystery to be unraveled, 

but you're not alone.


Margareta is a full length psychological-horror based game, although the game fundamentally relies on both psychological-horror and the comedy genre, it's a fun game that will leave you trembling in fear. While trying to escape, you must finding the right path, solve puzzles and hide from the frightening entity.

Thank you everyone for playing Margareta


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I thought this game was rather funny, yet it still managed to give me a good fright every now and then.

The only thing I really didn't like was that sometimes I would die and it would send me back right before a cutscene, or the beginning of a long hallway.

UwUould you look at that :o

Couldnt get past the lock pick - guess its just my bad graphics card. :/

This is one of the best games ive played on itch.io!

I thoroughly enjoyed it, crazy story, good amount of horror to it, good graphics too! Really is a hidden gem

Check our my video 🙂

Thank you so much! It truly means alot! 

Hey Jordi! I just got through streaming this game, and I absolutely love it! It's extremely creepy, funny at a lot of times, and doesn't fail to keep me on my toes. I do however find it unfortunate that I wasn't able to save my progress. I went back to the main menu when I was getting ready to turn the stream off, and now I have to go back to the beginning of the game. Is there any way to save the game, or a way you can implement a save feature? I would really like to finish this dope game. :) 

thank you so much! Im glad your enjoying it! Currently i havent added a save feature cause the game is meant to be played in one run, and i would have issues adding new updates on Margareta since i dont have the game files anymore because i saw it as complete a few months after release

Ah I see! No worries then. I'll just have to come back to it, and beat it in one go. You did an amazing job man! 😊🎮

The game is such a strange horror game, it is creepy yet actively comedic at the same time. A lot of the dialogue made me laugh, especially talking about his dungeon. I am not sure how you managed to create such a strange surreal enemy, that was still able to be so creepy. I loved it.

I did get stuck in the room for a while, it took me a little while to work out that I needed to use the drums to match the beat of the music. Beyond that the game was smooth sailing, and was a lot of fun.

Really great game, and I am glad I was finally able to play it.

Thank you so much! and thank you for checking out my other games aswell! 

Very crazy ride! The ending was hilarious! 

thank you soo much! I truly enjoyed your confusion in this video 😂

Spoopy game 💀

Thank you! 💀


Thank you ì ë£¨ë°ê²Œìž„ for playing Margareta!

hello! i created an account because i wanted to comment lol, i havent downloaded it cause my storage is kind of full, but in the future (or tomorrow) i will download this awesome game! just judging on the thumbnail of the game just my god i knew this will be a good horror game, its surprising you released this for free! keep it up man, never quit developing awesome games!!!!

thank you soo much! It truly means alot to me, i hope you’ll enjoy the game once you play it!

Cant wait to see what else you come up with! :)


Thank you! Im almost done with my second game! :D 

Great to hear mate!! Cant wait to see it! :) 

What a creepy game! Had lots of fun, thanx :)

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Thank you for playing Margareta! Great channel btw!


I loved this! A must play, i enjoyed it from the beginning to the end

Thank you so much!


Really enjoyed this one, it didn't take itself seriously but at the same time managed to be unnerving at some parts, it's obvious a lot of time and effort went into it. Thank you for making this! 

Thank you soo much! It really means alot when people acknowledge these things! 


Fantastic! ❤️


Thank you! It means alot!


You're so welcome! 🤩❤️





Thank you for playing Margareta!

Thank you ezez game for playing Margareta!

You're welcome! Thank you for making the game 😊👍

Thank you for promoting Margareta Techin Gaming

Thank you for promoting Margareta ÐœÐ¸ÑˆÐ° Цы-кол

Very fun and interesting game, 10/10

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you for promoting Margareta 모바일랩!


I know it's been said one time too many, but great work. Will keep up on future updates. Your vinyl remixes were pretty dope too. There's something of a grandma Fingersomething by the end credits, were would that be in the game, I don't think I found it anywhere ?

thank you soo much! I really appreciate it, Grandma fingledoof is a joke character that you can interact with through the phone after the second chase scene when you walk into the normal looking room, its not an important character, she just babbles on about (her victory royale) and then hangs up lmao


Thank you ã‚¿ã‚«ãƒ¤Games for playing Margareta! 


Idk what I played there, but it was interesting, I guess

Idk what i made, but thank you for playing! 


This feels like a triple A game, i love it


Thank you, i tried my best to make it feel like one! 


Love love love the jumpscares in this!


thank you! Means alot! 


hi, big thx for theis great game. so crazy and i love it. here is my full gameplay. greetings from rosti 🙏👍🥰🤩

Thank you soo much! Im glad you liked it! Love your channel by the way haha


big thx and i love your game so much 🥰👍

Bruh this game is sooooooooooooooo good. A packed game for being free aswell


Epic. :)

Epic comment. :)

Thank you Blunder 'N' Bungle for playing Margareta! 


That was A BLAST! I really enjoyed this game, it was funny terrifying and fun, I really hope you continue making games, thanks for making this. 

Thanks! I will be releasing more games so keep an eye out, thank you for playing Margareta! 

This game was awesome, it's a must play.

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you SugarNSpice for playing Margareta!

Really good work on this, had me scared in them chambers. I love the way, the game shifts to different scenery. The game was terrifying, as well as funny, from all the comedy skits. I really enjoyed playing this thank you for making it. 

My playthrough is below. Feel free to check it out and have a nice day 😊 

Thank you so much for you feedback and for playing Margareta! Great video i loved it!

Thank you iBerleezy for playing Margareta!


Well this was weird. :) Kind of spooky too though. 


Hahaha trust me I definitely know that! Thank you for playing Margareta!


very sexy game highly recommend 😍😍👍

Very many thanks ðŸ˜ðŸ˜


Thank you DomPlays for playing Margareta!


Great game, i loved it.

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Really high quality game, im impressed with the combination of horror and comedy. Very intresting game and would even be worth paying for. I recommend giving it a try!

Thank you! Im really glad you enjoyed our game!

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